IMG is an association of autonomous, international attorneys committed to Alternative Dispute Resolution.

IMG's panel consists of acknowledged and seasoned veterans in dispute resolution recognized in the United States, Europe and Africa. The panel members have mediated major disputes throughout the world and are recognized as experts in their fields. The majority of the disputes are mediated in a single day of mediated negotiations.

Upon request, IMG will assist in bringing the parties to the negotiating table. IMG will also provide a design analyst to work with you to develop the dispute resolution approach most appropriate for your dispute. A hybrid process combining elements of negotiation, mediation, and arbitration may be more suitable to meet your specific needs.

Our Offer - Mediated Negotiations & ADR Design

We provide skilled mediators to act on behalf of the parties or to counsel you in anticipation of a pending important negotiation. We advocate the use of the interest-based negotiation model and team mediation models, in which our goal is to maximize mutual gain.

Team Mediation/Co-Mediation

Team mediation is effective and efficient for our clients.

Team mediation consists of a panel of two or more individuals, which can be particularly effective when working with groups in conflict. The team can be comprised of an attorney and other professionals, thus bringing a broader and more diverse range of backgrounds and experiences to bear on the dispute. The mediators can work in tandem, helping parties address both complex legal issues as well as the emotions of the parties.

While arbitration offers advantages over traditional litigation, we recognize that it is not always the most efficient or effective way to resolve legal controversies. Particularly in the international context, where disputes often arise against the backdrop of long-term relationships, political considerations, and ongoing projects, conciliation and mediation present a sensible approach to expedite the resolution of disputes, reduce costs and preserve valuable commercial relationships.

The vast majority of the legal actions commenced in courts do not proceed to trial. It is inevitable that litigants will be asked to agree to a proposal for settlement, although this may not occur for several months or even years. We can initiate mediation within days of your request, to be completed within your time frame.

In addition to dispute resolution, Dr. Lotz facilitates the accelerated negotiation of business transactions in those situations in which a deal may be jeopardized due to an impasse on specific issues or time deadlines.

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